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SAML Tools

X.509 Certificates

This section contains tools that will help us handle with X.509 certificates. The 509 certificates are used in the SAML protocol to Sign and Encrypt the SAML Messages.

Code / Decode

This section contains different tools to encode/decode SAML Messages using different algorithms.

Encrypt / Decrypt

This section contains tools to encrypt/decrypt SAML Assertions or other XML elements.


The SAML protocol allows entities to sign the SAML Messages / Assertions that they send in order to be validated in the endpoint. Signatures let entities to trust in the message integrity.


In the SAML protocol, the validation process is so important. If there is a Signature related to the SAML Message, it must be validated.

Attribute Extractor

This tool extracts the nameID and the attributes from the Assertion of a SAML Response. If the Assertion or the NameID are encrypted, the private key of the Service Provider is required in order to decrypt the encrypted data.

XML Pretty Print

This tool lets you present the XML of a SAML Message in a human-readable format.


This section contains examples of SAML Messages. You can see the examples in its original format or in the pretty print format.

External SAML Tools

These are a collection of SAML Tools from around the web that are useful when integrating SAML with your project.